to Emmi of Switzerland

Well known throughout Europe, Emmi® is a Swiss dairy products company famous for luscious Swiss style yogurts, artisan cave-aged cheese and rich, warm fondues.

Nestled between the Alps in the heart of Switzerland, the core of Emmi's tradition centers on the highest quality standards which lead to a truly superior taste experience. Using traditional Swiss recipes, but sourcing fresh rbST-free milk and cream from local farmers when necessary Emmi is deliciously different and distinctly Swiss.

Fondue from

Great for today’s casual entertaining, ready-made and easy to use, always a success.

Specialty Cheese from Switzerland

A broad variety of cheeses with unique characteristics.

Traditonal Cheese from Switzerland

Rich in taste, tradition and history – an all natural delicacy.

Kaltbach Cave-aged Cheese
from Switzerland

Aged to perfection in a natural Swiss sandstone cave.

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